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Apple Original sci-fi drama 'Invasion' renewed for third season

Apple TV+ 'Invasion'

Apple TV+ has officially greenlit season three of its original sci-fi series "Invasion," promising a continuation of the show's compelling exploration of human resilience in the face of an alien incursion.

In "Invasion," Earth is visited by an alien species threatening humanity's existence. The series follows ordinary people across the globe as they struggle to understand the chaos unfolding around them.

The series has been praised for its slow-burn pacing, intrigue, and character development.

"I'm so proud of what we've been able to do with our first two seasons of the show with our partners at Apple TV+ and our cast and crew," creator and executive producer Simon Kinberg said in a press release.

"This new season will continue to build on the scale, stakes and propulsion of the 'Invasion,' while keeping our characters front and center, bringing them together in ways that will hopefully surprise and most importantly move our audience, who have been so incredibly supportive and inspiring since day one."

"Invasion" made its initial debut on Apple TV+ in Ocober 2021, and returned for its second season in August 2023.

Apple TV+ also renewed its epic sci-fi saga "Foundation" for a third season in December.