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Apple Music has you covered for Valentine's Day with two new stations

Apple Music introduces 'Love' and 'Heartbreak' stations

Whether you're madly in love or going through a rough patch, Apple Music has two new discovery-style stations to help you set the mood for Valentine's Day.

Both stations are algorithmically generated and designed to give you a mix of songs that you've heard before, as well as songs that it thinks you'll like. This is the same way that the user-based and Discovery stations work.

The first station, labeled "Love" plays songs about love — though your mileage may vary based on the music you listen to.

The second, labeled "Heartbreak," is designed to give you a dose of self-indulgent sad songs to get you through the holiday.

Because they're built on an algorithm, both new stations are infinite playlists. You'll need an Apple Music subscription if you want to check them out.

Apple Music recently announced that it would pay artists up to 10% more in royalties if they published songs in Spatial Audio.