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New Apple AirTag deals see prices drop to $24 at Amazon, Best Buy

AirTag prices have dipped to $24.

Amazon and Best Buy are embroiled in a Valentine's Day price war, driving AirTags down to as low as $24.

Whether you're about to embark on a trip for spring break or are tired of misplacing your keys, Apple's AirTag solution can help guard against lost luggage, keys, office bags, sports equipment and more. Using an iPhone or iPad, you can quickly know where your belongings are, and if they've been stolen, thanks to the coin-sized accessory.

And with fresh price drops in effect at both Amazon and Best Buy, picking up a single AirTag or a 4-pack won't break the bank. During the latest price war, pick up a single AirTag for $24 or opt for the 4-pack for $78.99 at multiple retailers, as evidenced in our AirTag Price Guide.

Both deals deliver the lowest prices seen in 2024, with the single pack priced within $1.50 of the lowest price on record.

There are plenty of discounts running on holders and key rings for AirTags as well. We've highlighted a few below: