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Apple acquires another AI startup focused on deep neural network generation

DarwinAI's technology could be used to bring more AI processing on-device

DarwinAI, a company known for making deep neural networks smaller and more efficient, has been snapped up by Apple prior to the release AI features in iOS 18.

Given its privacy-oriented nature, it is understandable why Apple would want that power on deck. It would allow for more on-device processing, aligning with the company's ethos.

According to Bloomberg, Apple purchased the startup earlier this year, though the deal hasn't been officially announced. Many of DarwinAI's employees have joined Apple's artificial intelligence division.

As a result of the acquisition, Alexander Wong, an AI researcher from the University of Waterloo who contributed to the DarwinAI's development, has signed on as a director in Apple's AI department.

In May 2023, Apple purchased WaveOne, a California-based startup known for developing algorithms for compressing videos.

In June of the same year, Apple acquired Mira, a company that creates augmented reality headsets for other companies — including the US military.