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How to watch Apple TV Major League Soccer for free on March 16 and March 17

Image Credit: Apple

As part of a new promotion, Apple has teamed up with MLS to offer a full weekend of free soccer on March 16 through March 17, only on Apple TV. Here's how to watch.

Viewers can tune in on the Apple TV app, which is available on all Apple devices, many smart TVs, streaming hardware like the Amazon Fire Stick and Roku, many gaming consoles and more. Of course, you can also tune in at

Fourteen matches are scheduled for the weekend, including the much anticipated D.C. versus Inter Miami game on Saturday.

Should viewers decide that they liked watching the MLS games, they can try out the MLS Season Pass for free for one month. The usual pricing for the MLS Season Pass is $14.99 per month or $99 for the whole season, though Apple TV+ subscribers can get the annual pass discounted to $79.

The Season Pass offers complete access to every MLS game broadcast without blackouts. It also includes in-depth coverage, analysis, exclusive content, and exciting events such as the Leagues Cup, MLS All-Star, and Audi MLS Cup Playoff games. Spanish-speaking fans can enjoy a whip-around show specially designed for them.