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If you're reliant on Java, you shouldn't update to macOS Sonoma 14.4 yet

A bug in the release version of macOS Sonoma 14.4 causes Java processes to terminate unexpectedly, so Mac users who need to run Java should delay updating.

The new issue is affecting all versions of Java from version 8 on up, including current early access builds. There is currently no workaround available, according to Oracle.

The flaw wasn't seen in the betas leading up to the release of 14.4, according to Oracle Senior Director of Product Management Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro. "Ahead-of-Time compiled applications created with GraalVM Native Image should not be affected, but your ability to build new images may be," he noted in a post warning about the flaw.

Oracle has notified its partners in OpenJDK, customers, and Apple of the problem. Since there is no easy way to revert a macOS update, affected Apple Silicon Mac users who have already upgraded to version 14.4 will have to wait for a fix from Apple to overcome the issue.

If users have a cloned copy of their previous complete system configuration, they may be able to return to that in order to keep running Java until the solution is found. The problem does not affect most typical Mac users, as Java was deprecated for the Mac back in 2012.

This new report comes alongside other, unrelated problems found in the final release of macOS 14.4. The update has caused some in-monitor hubs from third parties to stop working, as well as removing or corrupting some printer drivers.