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Latest macOS Sonoma update is breaking some USB hubs in monitors

macOS Sonoma 14.4 update breaks USB monitor hubs

According to some scattered user reports, updating macOS to Sonoma 14.4 is causing some USB hubs embedded in monitors to stop working and there doesn't seem to be a clear fix.

On Tuesday, AppleInsider reader Matt wrote to alert us that after updating his MacBook to macOS Sonoma 14.4, his monitor's USB hub no longer works. As it turns out, Matt isn't the only one with this problem.

Reddit threads show that users seem to have the problem on Dell, Samsung, and Gigabyte monitors so far. While the problem seems to mostly affect the USB hubs in monitors, a few users have reported that the update has caused some monitors as a whole to become unresponsive.

More reports have also been found on X, formerly Twitter.

There's no fix that seems to work for all users. However, a few have found luck by completely powering down their monitors and restarting them, or re-enabling the "allow accessories to connect" prompt in system settings.

How to allow accessories to connect on macOS 14.4

  • Open Settings
  • Click Privacy & Security
  • Click Allow accessories to connect

AppleInsider was not able to duplicate the problem with Apple and LG monitors that rely on USB-C or Thunderbolt connections. The problem does not seem to extend to standalone hubs either. It's not clear what the commonalities are between reports.

For the time being, if you rely on a USB hub in a monitor, it may be wise to wait to update if you haven't already. The update in question was released on March 7.