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Apple ID rebrand to 'Apple Account' expected in iOS 18 & macOS 15

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Apple's potential rebrand of Apple ID to "Apple Account" has seemingly been corroborated, with the change allegedly arriving later in 2024 alongside the macOS 15 and iOS 18 releases.

The Apple ID is the term used for the accounts on Apple's various online services, but rumors have previously hinted at it becoming the simpler "Apple Account" instead. On Sunday, a report has said the same thing, making the change seem a lot more likely to actually happen.

Writing in the "Power On" newsletter for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman writes that the name Apple Account will replace Apple ID in software and on Apple websites in late 2024 at the earliest. The change will probably coincide with the launch of Apple's next operating system generation, including iOS 18 and macOS 15.

An "Apple Account" team already exists within Apple, Gurman adds, ahead of the rebranding effort, which could phase out Apple ID within a year. WWDC could be the first time Apple officially announces the change, giving developers time to adapt their apps to use the new language before the fall releases.

Though there is no official reason for the rebranding, it is likely that Apple is doing it so users can more easily understand what it is by name alone. While seemingly minor, it would be a change that impacts a name Apple has used for over 20 years.

The existence of two sets of reporting on the change makes the prospect of a rebrand quite likely. However, there's no guarantee that Apple will actually pull the trigger and make the change until it's actually implemented.