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Apple warning users about a mercenary spyware attack on iPhones

Apple has been warning users of a spyware attack on iPhones

Users in 92 countries worldwide have had notifications from Apple warning that they may be victims of a severe and sophisticated iPhone hack.

In November 2021, Apple announced that it would alert iPhone users to state-sponsored spyware attacks that it detects, and it has done so. According to Reuters, though, the latest warning concerns a rarer and reportedly much more highly sophisticated attack.

In a notification seen by Reuters, Apple has told certain users in 92 countries that they have potentially been victims of a "mercenary spyware attack." The attack is an attempt to "remotely compromise the iPhone."

It's known that India is one of the 92 countries affected, but there is no detail of any of the others. Neither Apple nor any of the countries' governments have commented.

Separately, however, India's government did previously attack Apple over its similar warnings in October 2023. In that case, the warnings chiefly went to journalists and opposition politicians in the country.