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Apple highlights device recycling, iPhone trade-in, and the removal of leather for Earth Day

Image Credit: Apple

Building up to Earth Day, Apple is highlighting it's wide device recycling program, how to trade in old iPhones, and how it has eliminated the use of leather in it's products.

Apple has refreshed its trade-in page ahead of Earth Day, prompting users to rummage through their tech stash for things that can be traded in or recycled.

"This Earth Day, let's put your used device to good use. You can trade it in and get credit toward your next purchase," Apple's trade-in page reads. "Or if it's not eligible, we'll recycle it for free."

The page offers a convenient jump-off point for initiating a trade-in. Apple's trade-in program allows users to trade in an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac or select Android devices for credit toward a new Apple device or an Apple gift card.

Even if your device isn't eligible for trade-in, Apple will recycle it for free. Apple accepts a wide range of items, including Apple devices, batteries, cables, cases, monitors, packaging, and more.

Apple has also uploaded a short video reminding users that its iPhone accessory line no longer uses leather. Apple discontinued the use of leather in its products in 2023, controversially rolling out FineWoven as an alternative instead.

So far, the debut hasn't been great. FineWoven doesn't appear to be a great iPhone case material — but is faring better as an Apple Watch band.

In 2020, Apple announced that it would shoot for total carbon neutrality across all of its business aspects by 2030, 20 years sooner than the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change targets are aiming for.