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Rode's MagSafe Phone Cage and new mount will give a boost to your iPhone videography

Rode Phone Cage

Rode has launched a pair of iPhone accessories to improve smartphone videography, with the Phone Cage and Magnetic Mount designed to help mobile content creators.

Launched during NAB 2024, Rode's newest videography tools are aimed at turning an iPhone into a filmmaking device. To do that, Rode has come up with ways to handle the iPhone as if it's a camera, with two new accessories.

The Phone Cage is a smartphone mounting system that consists of a ring grip with a central MagSafe-compatible mounting disk, holding the iPhone in the middle of the rig. Able to be used as an ergonomic grip for filmmaking, the Phone Cage is both rugged and lightweight, thanks to its aluminum construction.

It doesn't just add handgrip points to the iPhone, as it also gives you ways to attach other bits of filming equipment. With five cold shoe slots and 33 mounting threads, there are many places to position extra batteries, mounts, lights, microphones, and other grips and mounts to create the ideal mobile camera rig.

Shipping April 24, the Rode Phone Cage is available to preorder for $120.

Rode Magnetic Mount
Rode Magnetic Mount

Similar in concept the Rode Magnetic Mount lets users create a filming rig at a much smaller scale than the Phone Cage. Instead, it gives users a way to quickly mount a few filming accessories to their iPhone using the MagSafe mount.

Instead of a cage, the system consists of the main mounting puck and three removable arms. Two are short and long cold shoe arms for filming in landscape and portrait modes, with a third providing a quarter-inch thread for mounting onto a tripod.

The removable arms means users only need to attach what they need to get the shots they want, such as just a microphone or light, without any extra added weight or mass.

The Rode Magnetic Mount is shipping April 24, with preorders open now at $90.