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AR shopping gets a boost with Best Buy's Apple Vision Pro app

Best Buy launches Apple Vision Pro app for augmented reality shopping

Best Buy has launched an augmented reality app designed exclusively for Apple's latest wearable, the Apple Vision Pro that offers real-time product previews.

Named Best Buy Envision, the app is set to upgrade the way consumers shop for electronics and home products, Best Buy announced on Thursday. With its advanced augmented reality (AR) capabilities, users can visualize products in their living spaces.

The app allows consumers to see how a product would realistically appear in their space in terms of size, style, and color before making a purchase. The app shows the products in 3D and provides essential information like ratings, reviews, and pricing, making it a comprehensive shopping tool.

One of the standout features of the Best Buy Envision app is the ability to make purchases directly through the app. With just a tap, users can select a product in AR and complete their purchase, enhancing the convenience of online shopping and putting the power of choice in their hands.

A modern room augmented with virtual overlays showing three different kitchen ranges with prices and ratings.

"Best Buy Envision is another way we're utilizing innovative technology to humanize consumer electronics like no one can," said Brian Tilzer, chief digital, analytics and technology officer for Best Buy. "The app allows our customers to see, in a lifelike way, how technology will look and feel right in their own homes, delivering an immersive and personalized shopping experience."

Best Buy's new app adds a useful new shopping experience to Apple Vision Pro. The platform is growing slowly and attention from major companies will help push it forward.