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Buckle and Band offers a new take on designer Apple Watch bands for sophisticated owners

Buckle and Band's Apple Watch bands are made to last.

Silicone straps, plastic leather, and Apple's introduction of FineWoven accessories aimed at reducing its carbon footprint have left those looking for a solid luxury Apple Watch band without many options — until now.

Buckle and Band meets that demand with a vast catalog of designer watch bands made from quality materials, such as stainless steel and genuine leather. These Apple Watch bands don't cut corners and are ideal for those looking for a sophisticated solution that will last years.

Shop Buckle and Band and discover how to transform your Apple Watch into a fancy piece of jewelry meant to be worn daily. From sleek to soft (and surprisingly durable), Buckle and Band turns your tech into everyday wear that you can match with any event.

Upgrade your fashion with a designer Apple Watch band from Buckle and Band

Buckle and Band is a high-end, designer Apple Watch band company based in the U.K. that's committed to bringing premium materials to a market saturated with cheap materials and flimsy craftsmanship. Their products are available for purchase worldwide, making it possible to show off a proper accent to your favorite wearable no matter where you reside.

A stainless steel Apple Watch with a mesh link bracelet sitting elegantly on a dark table.
Buckle and Band's designer Apple Watch bands enhance the look of your wearable.

The team at Buckle and Band transforms an everyday wearable into a statement piece that pairs with any outfit. That means you no longer need a separate watch for black-tie events, a day at the office, or a casual night on the town.

As one of the only brands on the market that targets high-end Apple Watch users, Buckle and Band proves that it's still possible to enjoy the features of a wearable without sacrificing form or quality.

Make a statement with a Buckle and Band metal Apple Watch band

The stainless steel Apple Watch case brings high polish and robust materials to the classic design. It's only fitting that these watches have a stainless steel bracelet that matches that elegance, and Buckle and Band delivers an entire lineup dedicated to the steel material.

Stainless steel Apple Watch Series 9 with a blue face and large numbers on a Milanese link bracelet against a black background.
The stainless steel link bracelet offers quality craftsmanship.

One of the most popular options is the Buckle and Band Milanese Stainless Steel Luxury Apple Watch Strap. This stylish piece features the iconic Milanese weave with a secure chain link clasp and six removable links for optimal sizing.

The Milanese strap has options compatible with every Apple Watch model, from Series 1-9 to the SE and the Apple Watch Ultra, each with a removable chain link to find the right size band for your wrist. It also comes in three colors — silver, black, and gold — to find the perfect tone to match your case and outfits.

Milanese Stainless Steel Strap for Apple Watch lying flat on a table.
The Milanese Stainless Steel Band can be ordered to fit any Apple Watch series.

Another gorgeous stainless watch band is the Gold Steel Heart Apple Watch Band, which has a lace-like design and is ideal for the sophisticated lady in a stunning dress. While this strap is only available in one size, it has three removable links to create the perfect fit (and zero tools are required).

Buckle and Band's Gold Mesh Apple Watch Band is a fresh take on the Milanese style. The mesh watch band features a unique wider weave, has removable links, and is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1-9, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Ultra 1 and 2.

Introduce a touch of elegance with leather Apple Watch bands

With the launch of the Apple Watch Series 9, Apple officially ended production of its leather bands in favor of the sub-par FineWoven material. Not only has customer perception been lukewarm surrounding the new material, but it doesn't look as elegant as genuine leather or suede.

Apple Watch with Buck and Band leather band next to a MacBook keyboard on a marble surface, with a plant in soft focus.
Buck and Band's leather band offers a timeless look for your Apple Watch.

On the other hand, Buckle and Band uses leather extensively for its premium quality, durable properties, and elevated style. For example, the Lond Luxury Apple Watch Band Collection brings back a timeless style and touch of simplicity lost in our modern world.

A more modern, luxurious style graces the Miam Apple Watch Strap, available in black, brown, or pink, and has a distinct crocodile-like design. Likewise, Mila Apple Watch bands come in a splendid light brown, black, or red suede and feature a soft, thick, plush feel.

Hand demonstrating the width of the clasp on a Buck and Band leather Apple Watch band.
Enjoy a comfortable fit, no matter your wrist size.

Thanks to the vegan Apple Watch strap options, those looking for cruelty-free and ethically sourced leather can still enjoy a Buckle and Band classy, high-quality leather band. You can find a vegan Lond Band with exquisite details in black, brown, or green, perfect for environmentally-minded opulence.

Stay active with a stylish band for working out

For years, activewear meant spandex, cheap silicone, or plastic that looked tacky and bland. Those days are a thing of the past because Buckle and Band has a lineup of Apple Watch bands ideal for a night out or an early morning gym session.

Woman shielding eyes from sun with hand, wearing a red band on an Apple Watch, with a beach and ocean in the background.
Hybri bands are perfect for outdoor settings.

Buckle and Band's Hybri Apple Watch Band blends an exquisite leather upper with a water-resistant silicone underlayer for added protection. The Hybri Band is available in brown, black, or red to pair with your workout clothes and office attire.

Another Apple Watch band style with the same leather/silicone hybrid design is the Mona Apple Watch Strap. This style features a more timeless look and a traditional buckle clasp instead of the more modern foldover clasp.

Accessories to outfit your other Apple devices

Although Buckle and Band is an Apple Watch band designer first, they also produce accessories that add a touch of style to your other Apple products. Additionally, their leather card wallets help reduce the bulk without giving up class and functionality.

Buckle and Band offers leather iPhone cases for the iPhone 13, 14, and 15 in a range of colors that include blue, green, light brown, and tan. Alternatively, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro owners can snag a case in either brown or black.

You can also keep your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro safe with a Buckle and Band Leather Laptop Case. These cases come from full-grain pebble leather and have a high-quality zipper that glides closed for added security.

Premium Apple Watch wallpapers available only through Buckle and Band

Apple includes a handful of exclusive wallpapers with each new Watch release, but few position the Apple Watch as a high-end alternative to Omega or Bulova. To close that gap, Buckle and Band designs Apple Watch wallpapers to reflect a classier experience.

Buckle and Band's Apple Watch wallpapers accent the elevated design and high-quality materials found in every new watch strap. Plus, the designers release a monthly collection filled with faces that complement the events and holidays each month is known for.

A band for every Apple Watch series from Buckle and Band

Apple Watch owners no longer have to settle for cookie-cutter straps made from lousy materials from third-party sellers. Buckle and Band's goal of producing the best designer Apple Watch bands makes it easy to find a band that matches a high-class style made from genuine leather or elegant stainless steel.

Purchase a Buckle and Band Apple Watch band from anywhere in the world and invest in a brand that competes with luxury Swiss watchmakers. With Buckle and Band, your Apple Watch will be a classic timepiece worthy of conversations and compliments for years to come.