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More evidence surfaces that Beats Solo 4 are coming soon

Screen capture from one of the videos extracted from the Apple Vision Pro beta

New animations discovered within the most recent beta of Apple Vision Pro software strongly suggest that Apple is gearing up to release the fourth version of its Beats Solo headphones.

On Tuesday, AppleInsider uncovered new syncing animations in the visionOS 1.2 beta 3. Four looping video files and a PLIST file included in the beta point to an imminent release of Beats Solo 4.

This isn't the first bit of evidence, either. In February, several references to Solo 4 had been discovered within the release candidate build of iOS 17.4.

In early April, a new FCC listing surfaced, hinting that Apple would be gearing up to release the Beats Solo 4 very soon.

After an eight-year wait since the debut of Beats Solo 3, the new Beats Solo 4 is on the horizon. While it may not boast any visibly significant redesigned features, it is expected to support Spatial Audio, a feature that could significantly enhance the audio experience.

The code also hints at a color range of at least black, blue, and pink, offering a variety of options to suit different styles.

The rumored price is $199.99, identical to Beats Solo 3. It's not precisely clear when they will launch or ship.