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HomePod and HomePod mini finally launch in Thailand and Malaysia

Apple's HomePod mini (left) and HomePod

Apple is bringing its HomePod and HomePod mini to both Thailand and Malaysia from May 10.

Apple has announced in both its Malaysian and Thailand newsrooms that its HomePod range will be available from May 10, 2024. That's just a week shy of the HomePod mini's fourth anniversary, and over six years since the original HomePod went on sale in the US.

The press releases about the HomePod range coming to these countries does not mention the delays. But it does say that customers of either product will get six months of Apple Music free.

Pricing is very similar to the current US ones of $99 for the HomePod mini and $299 for the second-generation HomePod. Buyers in Thailand will pay the equivalent of $105 and $310 for the two, while Malaysian users will spend more at $111 and $324.

Curiously, neither country shows the products under its "TV & Home" dropdown online. But clicking to go through to that section shows both HomePod and HomePod mini in the range of products.

Both HomePod and HomePod mini can now be pre-ordered. They will ship from May 10.

Separately, it has been repeatedly rumored that Apple is planning an update to the HomePod range. Patent drawings show a soundbar-like version has been considered, and claims persist that a HomePod with larger screen is in the works.