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LG first to add native Apple Music Dolby Atmos support to smart TVs

An LG Smart TV running Apple Music

LG has become the first smart TV producer to enable support for Dolby Atmos Apple Music support without the use of Apple TV hardware.

Dolby Atmos is a format that Apple Music uses for Spatial Audio recordings. While listeners will have encountered it on iPhone and iPad using Apple audio devices like AirPods Pro, Dolby Atmos support in Apple Music is now headed to smart TVs.

According to FlatpanelsHD, LG has become the first to enable Apple Music Dolby Atmos support on its smart TVs. Rolling out as an update to the Apple Music app, the publication found the support was enabled on an LG GX OLED TV released in 2020.

To use the feature, the television ideally needs to be attached to a surround sound or multi-speaker system. It can also work with the TV's built-in speakers, but the effect is lessened.

Previously Apple Music Dolby Atmos support was only available on TVs via the use of the Apple TV 4K and using either HomePods or Sonos speakers. The change opens up the support to more hardware.

LG televisions have had the Apple Music app since 2021.