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Apple wants all of TSMC's 2nm chips, so they sent Jeff Williams in secret

Processor wafers [TSMC]

Apple is preparing to start the production of chips using a 2-nanometer process, and sent COO Jeff Williams to Taiwan with a view to securing the first batch.

Apple has been proactive in pushing its chips to use the latest and smallest scale manufacturing processes, with its latest chips using a 3-nanometer foundry process. Now, it is poised to shift to 2nm.

Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams went on a secret visit to Taiwan, sources of UDN claim. The trip involved a visit to chip partner TSMC, with TSMC president Wei Zhejia in attendance to receive the COO.

The trip was reportedly to discuss 2nm production, as well as the development of more AI-forward chips, with TSMC set to produce them.

TSMC does not comment on market rumors nor about individual clients, like Apple.

The potential rewards for Apple placing the first order of 2nm chips could be massive for TSMC. Apple's payment to TSMC for the first 2nm batch could be the equivalent of TSMC's annual revenue, the report claims, and it could reach a new revenue high of NT$600 billion ($17.3 billion).

Previous rumors have said Apple has been designing 2nm processors, with the aim of producing the chips via its long-time chip partner. As for when Apple's products will use 2nm chips, consumers may have to wait until the iPhone 17 Pro in late 2025.