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Don't get too excited about new iPhone trade-in bonuses from Apple

The new iPhone 13 Pro

Apple apparently must not want to clear out stocks before the iPhone 16 launches too badly, as the trade-in bonuses it has started offering can be beaten easily by the carriers.

As rumored, Apple did in fact increase trade-in values on older iPhones on Monday. Contrary to that report, though, you can apply the trade-in credit to any available iPhone, and not just the iPhone 15.

The bonuses are very low for the most part. The maximum increase is a $30 increase on the iPhone 13 mini to $300.

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max - $650, up $20
  • iPhone 14 Pro - $530, up $10
  • iPhone 14 Plus - $430, up $10
  • iPhone 14 - $380, up $10
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max - $460, up $10
  • iPhone 13 Pro - $380. Up $10
  • iPhone 13 - $320, up $20
  • iPhone 13 mini - $300, up $30
  • Third-generation iPhone SE - $170, up $10

A spot-check on carriers on Monday morning makes it pretty clear that they'd like your older phone much more than Apple does, but with slightly different terms. As a general rule, the carriers offer much more, but those trade-in deals are for bill credits over the life of the phone, rather than an up-front payment.

Ebay pricing is variable, with the iPhone 13 mini being a good exemplar, selling for about $325. However, after Ebay takes its fees, you end up getting about the same for the device than Apple is giving for trade in, and that's similar across the board.

The promotion continues through June 3.