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Apple saw a huge year-over-year iPhone sales recovery in China in April

iPhone doing well in China despite shrinking market

China's main market research company is out with its latest data, and as the iPhone 16 creeps closer, the iPhone 15 is continuing its recovery in the country.

The China Academy of Information and Communications (CAICT) is a research firm closely tied to the Chinese government. Once a month, it publishes data on smartphone sales in the country.

The latest round of data is for April. CAICT says that foreign-branded phones in China — which is mostly the iPhone — increased by 52% in April year-over-year, from 2.3 million sales in April 2023 to 3.5 million in April 2024.

The year has been a mixed bag for Apple in China, reiterated by a report on Tuesday by Reuters. In January and February of 2024, iPhone sales fell about 37%. In March, sales rose by 12%.

The increase is likely to be accompanied by a decrease in profit margin for Apple and other companies. The iPhone has seen significant discounting in China for the last few months

Apple CEO Tim Cook remains bullish on the company's ongoing prospects in the country.

"I feel great that in an extraordinary competitive environment that we grew iPhone sales in mainland China last quarter," Cook said during the most recent Apple earnings report. "That may come as a surprise to some people. And so I feel good about China, I think more about long term than I do the next week or so."

The best selling Apple models in urban China are the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

China accounts for between 17% and 20% of Apple's iPhone sales every quarter. The figure varies on where the data comes from.