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WWDC 2024 Apple Home news roundup on the HomeKit Insider podcast

HomeKit Insider Podcast

On this episode of the HomeKit Insider Podcast, we highlight all the new smart home changes arriving this fall with iOS 18 that were announced at WWDC, and touch on some new gear from Meross.

There were two items in the news this week, preceding our WWDC coverage.

Insta 360 launched its latest mini camera, the Insta 360 Go 3S. It is capable of recording 4K video while being the size of your thumb. What makes it of note to HomeKit Insider, is it supports Apple Find My.

If you lose your camera, you can use the Find My app to track it down, which is especially useful considering how small it is.

Meross also released its new solar-powered sensor. It never needs its battery replaced and can measure both temperature and humidity with a high-degree of accuracy.

At WWDC, Apple had a few smart home-focused changes in store. We spent a considerable portion of the episode taking a deep look at them.

Among them, you can now designate your preferred Home Hub, there's guest access for the home, a new genre of door locks, support for robot vacuums, electric monitoring, and more.

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