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M4 MacBook Pro upgrade could arrive by end of 2024

A MacBook Pro with M4 could be on the horizon.

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Apple could be planning to update the MacBook Pro lineup to M4 chips before the end of 2024, based on OLED screen production timetables.

Apple has so far only included the M4 chip in one product, with the iPad Pro range the sole users of the newest Apple Silicon. If an analyst is right, there will be MacBook Prio models using it too.

In a tweet to subscribers on Tuesday, Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants said that his recent supply chain checks show there will be new MacBook Pro updates on the way. Displays destined for the 14-inch MacBook Pro and the 16-inch MacBook Pro will allegedly start in the third quarter of 2024.

If correct, this should mean that a launch could happen in the fourth quarter of 2024, in time for the holiday season.

Young's claims correlate with those of Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who said in April that M4 MacBook Pro models have a slim chance of a late 2024 release, and may get pushed to early 2025 instead.

In terms of leaking, Young is regarded as one of the more accurate analysts. Regularly referring to the display supply chain, the specialism has resulted in numerous previous claims that came out to be correct.

The MacBook Pro isn't the only thing to expect updates to M4 this year. It's also believed the 24-inch iMac will do so as well, along with a low-end 14-inch MacBook Pro.

Gurman thinks that a Mac mini in M4 and M4 Pro varieties could be on the way, between the end of 2024 and early 2025. However, updates to the MacBook Air, Mac Studio, and Mac Pro will be more 2025 updates.