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Apple reveals first Malaysian store ahead of opening

Apple The Exchange TRX

Apple The Exchange TRX is to open in Kuala Lumpur on June 22, 2024, and the company has announced a program of Today at Apple special events.

As previously announced, Apple's first store in Malaysia is opening in Kuala Lumpur's Tun Razak Exchange business district, on Saturday, June 22. Its three levels are topped by a layered roof around a central glazed oculus that brings daylight into the interior space.

"We live for moments when we can surprise and delight our customers," said Deirdre O'Brien, Apple's senior vice president of Retail in a statement, "and we're excited to do that in Malaysia with the opening of our first store in the country, Apple The Exchange TRX."

Modern electronics store with wooden tables displaying laptops and phones; customers browse products while staff assist, a staircase and upper balcony are visible in the background.
The store includes a "floating" area

"Being able to support and directly connect with a new community is always a special experience for our retail teams," she continued, "and we can't wait to welcome customers to this beautiful space designed for discovery, creativity, and shopping for the world's most innovative products."

The three levels include a rooftop park that "wraps around the store." There's also a "floating deck that joins up with the mall," which is where the Today at Apple sessions are to be held.

Special Today at Apple sessions to promote the new store have been announced. They include performances from "some of Malaysia's most celebrated creators."

Modern two-story store with a large glass facade, featuring an illuminated apple logo, various product displays, and several customers browsing inside.
Apple's new store is on three levels

Apple The Exchange TRX opens at 10:00 local time on Saturday, June 24, 2024.

Separately, Apple finally released its HomePod and HomePod mini in Malaysia in early 2024.