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Apple's Education Store is down ahead of Back to School offers

Apple has taken down its US Education Store

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Apple has taken down its online Education Store, and it is expected to be reopened shortly with the company's latest Back to School gift card deals.

As predicted, Apple appears to be preparing to launch its Back to School 2024 promotion. Or at least it is for the US and Canada, as at present other versions of the store around the world are operating normally.

As ever, the US store says only "be right back" — Canada's says "We'll be right back" — with no schedule, or detail about what is changing. Consequently details of the Back to School promotion will not be known until the store reopens.

However, Apple does this promotion every year. It typically consists of bundling gift cards of varying value, so that someone buying a device today can get a discount on a later purchase.

That doesn't help with the current purchase, but eligible buyers do benefit from the Education Store's reduced prices. Apple has year-round student discounts that can be substantial.

Note, though, that even with the education discount and the kind of gift card promotion that Apple typically offers, it's easy to get better deals from third-party resellers. There are always hundreds of exclusive deals in our Mac Price Guide.