AirPods Pro Lite

AirPods Pro Lite

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The AirPods Pro are classified by their new design and functionality when compared to regular AirPods. Little is known about the possible "AirPods Pro Lite," but rumors point to a cheaper model with similar features like the changeable ear tips with reduced functionality.

● Rumored product
● Changeable ear tips
● Transparency Mode or reduced ANC
● New AirPods Pro design
● Cheaper price point

As AirPods Pro continue to sell like hotcakes, a new product borrowing from the expensive earbuds may be on the way. "AirPods Pro Lite" would sacrifice some of the features of the more premium model to offer a better entry price point.

The AirPods lineup AirPods, AirPods with wireless charging case, and AirPods Pro already offer a clear upgrade path, so where do "AirPods Pro Lite" fit in?

"AirPods Pro Lite" Pricing

A new earbud falling between the one-size-fits-all AirPods and the premium AirPods Pro seems unlikely, as the two device sets are already very close in price and have an obvious upgrade path. Apple might try to diversify its headphone line with some kind of combination of new design with lesser features.

The device line starts with AirPods at $159, and already offer the full AirPods experience. Throw on a wireless charging case and you're at $199 for the same AirPods with wireless charging case. 

For a premium $250 you'll have AirPods Pro with a new design and all the bells and whistles Apple offers like ANC and changeable ear tips. So, where would the "lite" version of these fit in?

Likely battery life, ANC, and waterproofing are the most expensive portions of this product and would be sacrificed for a cheaper model. A smaller earbud with a more "pro" design, changeable ear tips, and a better audio experience would likely be enough to sell users on the product above the standard AirPods.

Potential Lineup Changes

If these are an AirPods product, then a change in the lineup for a more obvious upgrade path would be in order. Right now, wireless charging is a premium in the line, and as Apple has continued production of the wireless charging case, it may have cheapened the cost of including the more versatile case.

There is not much room in the AirPods lineup There is not much room in the AirPods lineup for the “AirPods Pro Lite.”

This could mean eliminating the no wireless charging case option, move the current AirPods with wireless charging case down to the $159 price, then place the new product at the $199 price.

There also is a demand for a set of non-expensive AirPods that also have changeable tips. Removing ANC capabilities to cheapen the product may be enough to push the price in a range of more budget-minded consumers.

As it stands, there is very little room for such a product to exist and may need to move the rest of the line out of the way.

Possible Beats Product

Another possibility is the term is likely a placeholder, and may not even be AirPods at all. As the previous rumor cycle around a pair of "Apple studio headphones" came and went, it is now apparent they were likely just the refreshed Beats Solo Pro. The rumored cheaper AirPods Pro could be a Beats by Dre product as well, maybe a new version of the Beats X.

Beats Solo Pro was the first to receive Apple’s new H1 chip, and more will follow. Beats Solo Pro was the first to receive Apple’s new H1 chip, and more will follow.
As Apple continues to push "pro" updates to the beats line, we can expect a "Beats Studio Pro" or a "Beats X Pro" with updated H1 technology to come to the line.

Rumors about "AirPods Pro Lite"

As with all unreleased Apple products, it is likely this product falls into one of three camps: it doesn't exist, it exists and is never announced, or it exists and is eminent. Very little concrete information exists, and even the part that does exist is only a name from the supply chain. Treat the above information as speculation until further proof or an announcement occurs.

A rumor from avid leakerJon Prosser in April 2020 places a release of new AirPods products sometime in October. Potentially the product would be called "AirPods X" instead of "Lite." The "AirPods X" would have a similar design to "Beats X" with a cable running between the otherwise wireless earbuds.

Another rumor placed the next generation of AirPods releasing sometime in May, or could be a potential WWDC announcement. There is also rumor of an even more premium headphone called "AirPods Studio" which would be an over-the-ear headphone.

If you are in the market for totally wireless earbuds, it likely won't benefit you to wait for the unannounced "AirPods Pro Lite." Check out AppleInsider's Price Guide for deals on AirPods.


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