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How to stay healthy while traveling with Apple Fitness+

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Traveling doesn't have to sabotage your fitness goals when you know how to use Apple Fitness+ to maximize your workouts. Here's how to use it best, when on the road.

A major part of staying healthy is consistency, and Apple Fitness+ is a perfect exercise companion as you travel around the world.

Many travelers sacrifice exercise because they're away from their gym and trainer, and definitely not packing any heavy exercise equipment.

Apple Fitness+ has workout videos taught by pro trainers, and a lot of the workouts don't require any equipment. The best part is that you can access these anywhere in the world in whatever time zone you find yourself in.

Trip itinerary

When planning a vacation, you often know what activities you'll do each day. Plan your Apple Fitness+ workouts around each day of your trip.

Apple Fitness+ is customizable to fit your needs while traveling

Apple Fitness+ offers studio-style workouts that you can easily access with your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, even when traveling. This means you never have to miss a day of working out.

Adjust the workout time as needed. Some workouts are as short as 5 minutes, so you can easily schedule a workout in, no matter what you have planned for the day.

If you're on a cabin getaway involving a lot of pancake breakfasts and s'mores, you can schedule workouts throughout your stay to burn off some calories.

To break up the long periods of sitting around by the fireplace, plan to do some high-intensity interval training (HIIT), strength, or core workouts.

If your trip involves a lot of walking, sightseeing, or hiking, you can choose upper body workouts so your arms, chest, and back doesn't get neglected.

Many travelers often feel the strain and fatigue in their legs after a lot of walking, so it's good to do stretching exercises such as a mindful cooldown.

Group trips

When traveling with kids or a group of friends, you can incorporate fitness in the form of a fun dance session.

On group trips, try a dance session as part of a workout on Apple Fitness+
On group trips, try a dance session as part of a workout on Apple Fitness+

Staying active doesn't have to be a dreaded chore when you're having fun dancing to music.

Whatever music you're in the mood for, you can choose from a variety of genres such as upbeat anthems, throwback hits, Latin grooves, and hip hop/R&B.

Keeping track of metrics

It's easy to lose track of your health metrics when you're on vacation, but pairing Apple Fitness+ with an Apple Watch can help you stay on track.

Before your trip, set your daily activity goals in the Fitness app
Before your trip, set your daily activity goals in the Fitness app

Before your trip, set your activity goals on the Fitness app.

Throughout your trip, keep track of your activity rings and adjust your activity accordingly.

For example, if you've been lounging at the beach all day and notice that you're far from your goals for the day, start an outdoor walking workout, and take a brisk walk on the beach.

You might be surprised how enjoyable that walk is as it works out your heart and legs.

Packing light

Your strength training doesn't have to suffer just because you're not packing dumbbells in your suitcase.

On Apple Fitness+ app, filter by no equipment needed, and you'll still get really effective workouts using just your body weight.

Try working out in a hotel gym with Apple Fitness+ cycling

If your hotel has a gym, you can select a workout from treadmill, cycling, or rowing. Having a coach guiding you and cheering you on makes your workout a lot more effective and fun.