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How to use Sonos speakers with Apple TV

Apple TV with Sonos Arc

It's easy to use any Sonos speaker with your Apple TV. Here's how to set it up for yourself and upgrade your TV's audio.

Apple TV is the center for many folks' living rooms and or bedrooms. Rather than using your TV's speakers, here are two ways that you can use various Sonos speakers with your Apple TV.

Sonos speaker differentiation

Using your Sonos speaker with your Apple TV will first depend on the speakers you plan to use. Sonos has an ever-expanding lineup to include mobile speakers, countertop speakers, and soundbars.

Sonos Move
Sonos Move

All Sonos speakers can be used in tandem with an Apple TV, from the Roam to the Arc, but they may require different methods. A soundbar is directly connected to your TV whereas the free-standing models will operate via AirPlay.

We'll walk through both ways to use Sonos speakers with your Apple TV and the settings you can adjust.

How to use a Sonos soundbar with your Apple TV

The easiest way to start using your Sonos with your Apple TV is via a Sonos soundbar. Whether you have the Sonos Arc, Beam, or Ray, they all work just the same.

Sonos Arc and Sonos Beam both can connect to your TV with HDMI Arc while the Ray works via optical audio. As long as the Sonos soundbar is set as your TV's output, your Apple TV will use it as the output too.

Dolby Atmos support on the Sonos Arc
Dolby Atmos support on the Sonos Arc

The Sonos Arc supports Dolby Atmos which gives you a more immersive experience by placing the audio in 3D space all around you. If your Apple TV content supports Dolby Atmos, it will work on the Sonos Arc.

How to use other Sonos speakers with your Apple TV

If you don't have a Sonos soundbar, fret not, you won't be left out. It is more laborious though as you'll need to set it up again each time you use your Apple TV.

AirPlay with Sonos
AirPlay with Sonos

Here, we'll use AirPlay 2 to cast audio from your Apple TV to your Sonos system.

  • From your Apple TV, hold the TV button to open Control Center
  • Scroll down to the AirPlay icon at the bottom
  • Choose any AirPlay-compatible speakers you wish the audio to play through, including your Sonos speakers

This setting isn't persistent and will default to playing through your TV each time you wake up your Apple TV. Only Apple's HomePod can be used as a permanent AirPlay speaker with Apple TV.

Where to buy Sonos speakers

Sonos speakers can be ordered from Sonos directly, as well as at, and

Refurbished deals are available at periodically, with select models 25% off at press time.

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