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The best Apple Watch bands to suit any style

Some of our favorite Apple Watch bands

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Almost as important as the Apple Watch itself, is the band that you choose to express yourself. Here are our picks for bands and straps to pair with Apple's wearable device.

While we all know the Apple Watch is a multi-function marvel that handles many tasks, it's also a fashion choice in its own right. You could wear a regular watch, but you've gone for Apple's innovative timepiece instead.

Its appearance is characteristically Apple, but outside of picking the size, casing material, and color, you don't have that much choice when customizing its appearance.

The other major component of the Apple Watch is the band or strap you use to hold it to your wrist. While it has the essential task of keeping the Apple Watch on your wrist, the important accessory also offers the biggest opportunity to turn the wearable device into a statement.

You could change the band for a different style or color to match an outfit or to switch from a smart strap for style to something more suitable for working out, for example.

Using a new strap or band also gives you more of an opportunity to communicate who you are, your values, and your sense of style, all from your wrist.

What follows is a selection of bands and straps for the Apple Watch that you should consider picking up to give your digital timepiece some added flair.

Apple Graphite Milanese Loop

One of the early favorites in the entire Apple-produced band range, the Milanese Loop provides a dash of style to your wrist with woven stainless steel. Despite being made from many strands twisted together, it can fluidly flex around your wrist, like highly-modernized chainmail.

Apple graphite Milanese loop
Apple graphite Milanese loop

In keeping with its style, the fastening system for the band is a magnetic pad, which comes into contact with the band surface and stays in place. This makes it not only incredibly adjustable but also one that doesn't have visible holes, notches, or hook and loop fastenings.

The Graphite and Gold options include a physical vapor deposition (PVD) layer for a distinctive and protective finish to keep the band looking as pristine as possible. Apple also offers a Silver colorway for the band.

Amazon sells Apple's Milanese Loop band for $99 in both 41mm and 45mm versions.

While most leather bands and straps are equipped with traditional fastening systems, the Apple Leather Link takes a different route. One that also results in a stunningly unique design.

Apple leather link
Apple leather link

Equipped with ribs of flexible molded magnets that can shift into place, the strap can wrap around the wrist without issue. The magnets pull the ribbed sections together, creating a zip-like interlocking of the cells.

As well as having an impressive appearance, the Leather Link is also luxurious, produced from hand-crafted Roux Granada leather made in France. Four colors are available: Sequoia Green, Golden Brown, Midnight, and Dark Cherry.

Available in Small/Medium and Medium/Large lengths and in 41mm and 45mm sizes, the Apple Leather Link costs $99 on Amazon.

Nomad's line of Apple Watch bands include two sets of metal link bracelets for the smartwatch. The Titanium Band and Steel Band are similar in design to classic metal link bracelets but differ in their materials.

Nomad Metal Link
Nomad metal link

The Titanium Band is made from grade 2 titanium with a diamond-like carbon coating and is engineered to be as light as possible. Meanwhile, the Steel Band is made from high-grade 316L stainless steel and again has the diamond-like carbon coating.

Both are adjustable in using links with integrated lugs, with a tool supplied to help with maintenance. A magnetic clasp is also included, using neodymium magnets to keep the band connected and on the user's wrist.

Nomad metal link magnetic clasp
Nomad metal link magnetic clasp

Nomad offers the Titanium Band and Steel Band in Silver and Graphite options, as well as 45mm and 41mm sizes. The Steel model costs $149.95 on Nomad's website, while the Titanium Band is $249.95.

Nomad Sport Band

Produced from the soft and flexible FKM fluoroelastomer rubber, the Nomad Sport Band is aimed at fitness enthusiasts. Using a lightweight and breathable design, the Sport Band is made to be worn all day and take on anything that you do.

Nomad's regular and slim sports straps
Nomad's regular and slim sports straps

Built-in channels in the base of the band and full-length adjustment holes provide both skin breathability and flexibility, while its resistance to oils makes it wipe-clean-ready after a workout.

A custom-designed pin and tuck closure mechanism is used to provide security in a slim form. An aluminum pin latches through the band's adjustment holes, and the tail tucks into a gap to lie against your wrist.

Green Sport Strap from Nomad
Green Sport Strap from Nomad

Available in 45mm and 41mm varieties in a choice of Black, Lunar gray, Ash Green, Marine Blue, and Dune, the Nomad Sport Band costs $59.95 from Nomad's website.

MobyFox Licensed Bands

A plain band may be stylish, but for those wanting to show their fandom to the world, the MobyFox lineup of smartwatch bands could be the way to go.

MobyFox Boba Fett band
MobyFox Boba Fett band

Acquiring the official licenses for many media franchises, including Harry Potter, Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Hello Kitty, DC, and Game of Thrones, among others, means there are a lot of options available. Everything from modern properties like Rick and Morty to more grown-up offerings like NASA and The Beatles.

Bold in design and emblazoned with logos and graphics from the various media properties, the bands use a typical pin-and-tuck buckle fastening system. They're also made from sweat and UV-resistant silicone, so they will keep showing their bright colors for a long time.

In many cases, the straps are supplied with a QR code that works with the MobyFace App, unlocking many exclusive watch faces for your Apple Watch display.

Most of the MobyFox band range sells for $39.95 from its website, with a few exceptions.

Pad & Quill Cafe Cuff

If you want an unmistakably leather band, consider the Cafe Cuff from Pad & Quill. Inspired by English motorcycles and the biker cuff, the Cafe Cuff consists of a wide leather band that's actually wider than the Apple Watch itself.

Pad & Quill uses USA full-grain hides for the band, with the soft interior leather including a space to allow the Apple Watch sensor to contact your wrist. Using UV-resistant marine-grade stitching, the band is durable enough for the company to say it will probably outlast the Apple Watch itself.

Pad *& Quill cuff
Pad & Quill Cafe Cuff

The dedication to the craft also has Pad & Quill hiding the signature of the person who made the cuff on the underside of the band.

In a choice of Chestnut and Whiskey leather colors and Polished Nickel or Matte Black metal fixings, the Cafe Cuff fits 45mm Apple Watch models and costs $119.95 from the company website.

Pad & Quill Single Tour NATO

While the wide Cafe Cuff may be a bit too much, the Single Tour NATO Leather Apple Watch Band from Pad & Quill may be a more conventionally useful band. Inspired by the British military's watch strap from the 1970s, which consisted of a single band with stainless steel hardware, the Pad & Quill version also uses leather and stainless steel solid bar hardware.

Using an under-case strap design, it still allows the heart rate monitoring functions of the Apple Watch to work fine. A unique floating Apple Watch lug allows for charging and simple charging of the band for another type.

Pad & Quill NATO
Pad & Quill NATO

Handmade using strong full-grain leather with a soft leather lining, the strap is also finished with UB-resistant stitching and has the initials of the strap builder hidden away underneath.

Offered in Chestnut and Whiskey leather options and with either Stainless Steel or Black Stainless Steel solid bar fittings, the Single Tour NATO Leather Apple Watch Band in a 45mm size costs $99.95 and is available from Pad & Quill's website.

Bellroy Leather Watch Strap

The Bellroy Watch Strap is a sleek band that is said by the company to be designed to "complement the Apple Watch's curves. Sporting a traditional clasp mechanism, it has a premium leather exterior that will grow a patina over time.

Along with the eco-tanned leather, the strap is also made from a durable but flexible textured polymer for strength and grip. Depending on the colorway, the polymer can also provide a nice contrast to the leather.

Racing Green Bellroy band
Racing Green Bellroy band

Bellroy offers two band sizes, covering 41mm and 45mm Apple Watch sizes. Seven colors are also available: Black, Basalt, Cobalt, Racing Green, Terracotta, and Marigold.

Offered with a three-year warranty, the Bellroy Watch Strap costs $69 on the company's website.