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The best mouse for the MacBook Pro

While the trackpad on the MacBook Pro is excellent, users may appreciate the tactility of a mouse. Here are some of the best options for a mouse for MacBook Pro owners.

From the most popular as voted on by customers, to the most functional and renowned for its capability, here are a few top options for a mouse for MacBook Pro.

Apple Magic Mouse

Cost: From $79

Created by Apple, the Magic Mouse incorporates gestures into its top surface to adapt the same fluidity of a trackpad. The seamless design is made of anodized aluminum and one single piece of glass. This brings the same renowned Apple build quality to a mouse.

Of course, it's designed especially for macOS, as Apple built both this mouse and operating system. Native support for smooth inertial scrolling and gestures are guaranteed. Swiping between pages in Safari, Smart Zoom, Mission Control, and switching between full screen apps all have their own unique gestures, saving the user time.

Under the top touch surface, tactile switches give satisfying clicks as the user clicks. Its Lightning connector also makes it easy to find a cable to recharge.

The mouse is recommended for users who like Apple's integration.

Logitech MX Master 3 - about $99

The MX Master line has been hailed by many content creators as the best mouse for the Mac. Now, in its third iteration, the redesigned mouse offers USB-C charging and improved ergonomics.

Its precise scroll wheel has two modes: While the user can set it up to roll and scroll through content smoothly, they can also click the toggle switch between the scroll wheel to activate the mechanical stopper for notched scrolling.

The horizontal scroll wheel located next to the thumb rest makes it easy for video editors to scrub through a timeline. Artists and graphic designers can move laterally across the canvas. The back/forward and thumb rest buttons offer extra levels of control without needing to move your hand.

This mouse is the best option for pro users.

Logitech Pebble M350 - About $25

The highest-rated mouse for the Mac on Amazon, the ultra-compact Bluetooth mouse easily slips into the tightest of sleeve pockets. While it is extremely compact, it comes complete with both mouse buttons and a scroll wheel.

This is perfect for the MacBook user that absolutely need a mouse: The mouse can easily go inside a pocket for easy travel, and the silent clicking action means that it can truly be used anywhere.

This mouse is the best option for users who are constantly on-the-go and consider a mouse indispensable.

Logitech MX Anywhere 3 - about $80.00

The Anywhere 3 combines the utility of certain MX Master features with the portability of the Pebble M350. The precise scroll wheel and back/forward buttons are now in a design that's just half the size of the Master, and only slightly larger than the Pebble.

This mouse is ideal for the working professional that will need more options on their mouse, while needing to keep a small profile.

The MX Anywhere line has been popular with casual and power users alike with its keyboard-and-mouse setup for iPad and Mac.

MacAlly Bluetooth Wireless Mouse - about $20

A popular accessory maker for the Mac, Macally has been creating many items to complement the Mac experience.

Besides the Bluetooth connectivity and small profile, the Macally Bluetooth Wireless Mouse comes with a DPI switch just below the scroll wheel. For those that need a more precise cursor, the option to adjust tracking speed on the fly is well-appreciated. In applications that require pixel-level input, being able to quickly fine-tune the cursor position is invaluable for those users.

It also comes at a budget price, which makes it a great choice for those that would like to balance price and functionality.