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Topic: Cinema Display

University claims Apple's glossy screens may cause injury

06/15/2009, 11:06 am

An Australian University is warning its faculty and students about some potential adverse health effects of using Apple's notebook and other products with high gloss screens, saying prolonged use could lead to injury if precautionary measures aren't adopted.


First non-Apple Mini DisplayPort-compatible displays unveiled

04/14/2009, 04:04 pm

A little-known consumer solutions designer is laying claim to the first non-Apple external LCD displays for Mini DisplayPort-equipped Macs that are designed to look like the Mac maker's new LED-based Cinema Display offerings but retail for a fraction of the cost.


Apple drops 20-inch Cinema display, 30-inch may follow

02/19/2009, 12:02 pm

Apple on Thursday discontinued its legacy 20-inch Cinema Display, reducing its external display offerings to just two options: its new LED-lit 24-inch model for notebooks and its legacy 30-inch display for desktops.


Apple's LED Cinema Display: the review

12/07/2008, 10:12 am

Apple's first major update to the Cinema Display line brings a much greener design and a raft of welcome feature updates, especially for MacBook owners. At the same time, a partial shift away from Apple's mainstay professional crowd makes one wonder where the company is going and whether it hasn't lost focus.


High-quality unboxing photos of Apple's LED Cinema Display

12/01/2008, 06:12 pm

Apple's first LED-backlit and DisplayPort-based desktop monitor has arrived at AppleInsider; we now have high-quality photos as well as some early impressions.


Notes of interest from Apple's MacBook event

10/14/2008, 09:10 pm

With multiple product updates all arriving at once, many might have been overwhelmed by Apple's MacBook launch to overlook potentially important features and limitations -- including the need to log out to switch graphics chips and the multiple party tricks of the new 24-inch Cinema Display.


Apple posts "Spotlight on Notebooks" event stream

10/14/2008, 06:10 pm

On cue, Apple has posted a streaming version of its MacBook-oriented special event for those unable to attend themselves.


Apple unveils 24-inch LED Cinema Display

10/14/2008, 02:10 pm

During its special notebook Tuesday, Apple unveiled its new Cinema Display featuring a 24-inch LED-backlit widescreen display with built-in iSight video camera, mic, and speakers in a thin aluminum and glass enclosure.