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Apple working on radical iMac redesign using single sheet of glass

01/24/2020, 02:01 pm

A future version of the iMac may take a more radical form, with Apple considering a redesign of the all-in-one desktop so it effectively exists as a single sheet of curved glass with an embedded display.


Apple outage caused issues with App Store purchases, subscription access [u]

01/24/2020, 12:01 pm

An outage of Apple's online services led to issues with the App Store for some customers, with users unable to manage subscriptions to Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and Apple TV+ from their iPhone or iPad.


The top malware threat for macOS infects one in 10 users

01/24/2020, 09:01 am

Security firm Kaspersky says that in 2019 the Shlayer Trojan infected one in ten Mac users, opening the door to malicious apps that hide behind fake error messages about users needing to update Flash.


Apple Watch rewards, iCloud encryption, and WhatsApp hacks on the AppleInsider Podcast

01/24/2020, 08:01 am

Victor and William discuss the new Apple Watch rewards program in selected gyms, what's really going on with WhatsApp and iCloud encryption, and how iPhone demand in India has grown so much that a third factory is opening.


'Jobs at Apple' page refreshed with animated logos, new video

01/24/2020, 08:01 am

Apple has updated the appearance of its "Jobs at Apple" page, adding an array of animated Apple logos, as well as a new inspirational video encouraging viewers of the site to consider working for the iPhone maker.


Ticket agency StubHub offering 10% discount with Apple Pay

01/24/2020, 05:01 am

For a limited time, the StubHub service is offering 10% off the price of any of its music, sports and entertainment tickets, if you buy using Apple Pay and the StubHub app. Terms and conditions do apply.


Apple leases entire 'Triangle Building' near Apple Park

01/23/2020, 08:01 pm

Apple has leased the entirety of San Jose's "Triangle Building," a well known six-floor office building near the company's main Apple Park campus.


Sonos will provide legacy devices with software updates for 'as long as possible'

01/23/2020, 07:01 pm

Sonos CEO Patrick Spence in an apology to customers on Thursday said it was a mistake to completely cut off support for "legacy" devices, adding that older devices will receive software updates "for as long as possible."


Profile of Apple procurement exec details iron fist supplier negotiations

01/23/2020, 07:01 pm

A profile of Apple VP Tony Blevins, known as the "Blevinator," reveals an architect of punishing supply chain tactics that leverage the tech giant's dominant market position to squeeze out the most fortuitous deals from suppliers.


Broadcom inks two multi-year deals to supply Apple with wireless components

01/23/2020, 05:01 pm

Longtime Apple partner Broadcom on Thursday said it has negotiated two multi-year deals to supply wireless components to Apple, further extending the chipmaker's reach into the tech giant's supply chain.


Apple says a common charger would handicap innovation, inflate waste

01/23/2020, 02:01 pm

Apple has hit back at new proposals by European lawmakers to force smartphone and other device producers to use a universal standard charger, claiming attempts to make it switch from Lightning to another type of connection could cause consumer aggravation and stifle innovation.


Gym encounter sees Tim Cook become early investor in Nebia smart shower

01/23/2020, 12:01 pm

The Nebia shower head creator has recounted how a chance early morning meeting with Tim Cook in a gym led to the Apple CEO becoming an investor in the company.


'Apple Watch Connected' will reward you to keep working out

01/23/2020, 09:01 am

With the Apple Watch Connected program, gyms and other fitness facilities are partnering with Apple to utilize the Apple Watch in tracking workouts, earning rewards, and buying products or services.


'Little America' was a passion project for Apple as well as its producers

01/23/2020, 08:01 am

The makers of Apple TV+ show "Little America" say that it was Apple's passion for the idea about immigrants coming to the US that made them sign with the service.


Apple is working on fingertip and face mapping tools for VR and AR

01/23/2020, 06:01 am

Two new Apple patents describe methods to improve how a user can touch and interact with VR objects, plus how headsets could be more easily adjusted to fit better.


Adobe Flash disabled in latest Safari Technology Preview

01/22/2020, 09:01 pm

Presaging what will be the final nail in the coffin for Adobe Flash on Safari, Apple on Wednesday disabled support for the much-maligned multimedia plug-in in the latest version of Safari Technology Preview.


Apple spent $7.4M on lobbying efforts in 2019, well below outlays from Amazon and Facebook

01/22/2020, 06:01 pm

FAANG companies -- Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google -- spent record amounts on respective bids to influence politicians over the course of 2019, with Apple bolstering its lobbying efforts to a new high of $7.4 million.


Apple TV+ nears series order for Scott Z. Burns new anthology 'Extrapolations'

01/22/2020, 03:01 pm

Apple TV+ is close to sealing the deal on a new series based on Scott Z. Burns' climate change anthology "Extrapolations."


Apple's Intelligent Tracking Protection can be exploited to track Safari users, says Google

01/22/2020, 02:01 pm

Apple's enhanced privacy tools in Safari to prevent tracking can be used to continue tracking users, Google researchers intend to reveal in a paper, with a total of five different attack vectors identified in Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention system.


UN urges US investigation into Bezos iPhone hacking

01/22/2020, 01:01 pm

The United States and other governments need to investigate the hacking of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' iPhone, experts in the United Nations have urged, while details of the report show how the attack stemming from a message sent by Saudi Arabia crown prince Mohammed bin Salman allowed attackers to acquire a considerable amount of data from the device.