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Mac OS X Update to Squash Optimization Bug

pple successfully released Mac OS X (ten) on the 24th of March, but, like any piece of new software, the system contains several imperfections. A long rumored optimization bug may in fact be correct.

According to sources within Apple's developer community, the computer maker has privately documented an install optimization glitch. During the installation process of Mac OS 10.0 (retail build 4K78), if the user chooses to install "Developer Tools" along with Mac OS X, a system-wide optimization will occur. However, this optimization fails to take place if the user chooses to install the "Base System", which over 90% of users will choose to do.

Huge populations of Mac OS X customers, primarily those running iBooks, pre-2000 iMacs or any other system with a mid ranged G3 processors, have voiced complaints about the speed of the new OS on their machines. "Aqua feels sluggish and unresponsive," users says.

Mac OS 10.0.1 Build 4L5 Directory

Apple has indeed been working on a fix to this problem and many others, which, contrary to reports touted elsewhere, is still under development. The system update, which currently goes by the numbering scheme Mac OS 10.0.1, was seeded to Premier ADC developers in form of build 4L5 last week. The update consisted of a 4.5 megabyte archive that contained preliminary progress in terms of system optimization and component updates. The release updated versions of Mac OS 10.0 4K78 to read Mac OS 10.0 4L5.

A second external build was frozen on the 30th of March and released to developers on Monday, sources said. The new build, version 4L7, swelled 2 megabytes in size, packing new component updates and producing the first "noticeable system speed improvements," according to testers.

"I've noticed a significant overall speed increase on my iMac," one sources said. Meanwhile, another source notes, "the Classic environment [in 4L7] is a bit faster. Aqua is still feels sluggish and unresponsive, but things are coming along."

Further development versions of the software are expected to continue to optimize user's systems and increase overall system speed.

Full details on the Mac OS 10.0.1 release should be published sometime later today.