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Next Generation iPod Development Underway

Destined to remain as the front-running in MP3 development and system integration, Apple Computer, Inc. continues to spend significant sums of cash on iPod research and development. Earlier this Spring, the company began forming a team of individuals that would focus their energies towards the creation of the next-generation music pod, sources tell AppleInsider.

In an effort to retain a fresh stream of ideas, Apple sought-out young talent from higher-education venues such as Stanford University. With the core of the iPod user based comprised of men and women in their late teens and twenties, these select individuals would experience a hands on approach during the development of new iPod hardware and software.

According to sources, while further revisions of the iPod will continue to integrate the iPod with aspects of the Mac OS (in an effort to entice iPod Windows users to convert), the primary focus will remain strictly on Music. Though the development cycle still remains in the early stages, rumors of wireless connectivity, and the ability to tap into the iTunes music store directly from the hand-held, have flourished in recent months.

Early in the Summer, a small number of sources reported the existence of a 60GB second generation iPod. At the time, the units were prototypes and no word was given as to their possible deployment. The company, instead, released new 20GB and 40GB models last month.

The focus will remain on quality, not quantity, sources said. "The iPod will see refinements next year to its integrated OS and physical hardware, but the iPod has become a brand and will not stray from its roots."