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Apple may reduce iPod mini pricing in UK

The introduction of Apple\'s iPod mini has been met with mixed results from consumers and analysts who were expecting a greater price differential between the company\'s flagship iPod digital player and the miniature sidekick. With only a mere $50 separating 11 an additional gigabytes of space, it\'s difficult to decipher the iPod mini\'s intended target audience, as the computer maker may be starting to realize.

According to PCProUK,\"Apple is considering reducing the recommended price of the iPod mini when it becomes available in the UK in April. The company said on Wednesday that the launch price would be £199, despite an exchange rate which means that to be comparable with the US price of $249 it should cost around £160.\"

Meanwhile, Apple\'s Greg Joswiak, VP of hardware product marketing, has stated that a final price would be given closer to the release date.