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Apple stock soars to 52-week high

Shares of Apple stock rose nearly $2 today to set a new 52-week high of $35.18 with more than 11 million shares changing hands.

The hype surrounding Apple stock received a significant boost this morning when several publications began confirming rumors that Hewlett-Packard will finally unveil its long-awaited HP-branded iPod on Friday. Unsubstantiated rumors of a Sony takeover and news of a partnership between Sprint and Apple may have also done their part to fuel the heightened activity.

Meanwhile, anticipation continues to mount surrounding next week's Apple Expo Paris and the rumored introduction of the computer maker's next-generation G5 iMac. Several AppleInsider Forum members have entered into a frenzy while debating the authenticity of photographs, which "supposedly" represent the new computer.

So far, no authentic photographs of the new iMac G5 are believed to have surfaced.