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Delphi behind Apple\'s Power Mac G5 liquid cooling system

With IBM\'s PowerPC 970fx G5 processors still producing too much heat, Apple turned to a Michigan-based automotive company to help cool its high-end Power Mac G5s.

An AppleInsider report from last month took a stab at nailing down the developers of the liquid cooling system used in Apple Computer\'s new dual 2.5GHz Power Mac G5. According to tipsters, the report hit the nail on the head.

The cooling system was indeed developed by Troy, Mich-based Delphi, sources from within the company confirmed last week. Delphi, also known as Delphi-Harrison, is a former division of General Motors, which specializes in automotive work. So it\'s no wonder that the cooling system looks like a miniature automobile radiator.

According to sources, Delphi manufacturers the liquid-cooling system in Juarez, Mexico and then ships the units to Apple\'s assembly plants in Shenzhen, China. The Power Macs are then assembled with the cooling system and shipped back overseas to reach customers in US.

The cooling system, which was originally developed at Delphi\'s Lockport, New York location, faced serious issues with water leakage late in its development cycle. Tipsters claim that this was one of the critical factors that delayed the release of Apple\'s high-end Power Mac into June.

It\'s unclear if Delphi has landed additional contracts to produce cooling systems for forthcoming Apple products. However, we are all ears.

Fred Williams of the Buffalo News helped contribute to this report.