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Apple posts Mac Pro, other software updates

Apple Computer on Tuesday posted several software updates pertinent to users of its new Mac Pro desktops. The Mac maker also recently issued minor updates to both Front Row and QuickTime.

Mac Pro (mid 2006) EFI Firmware Update 1.0

This EFI Firmware Update (1.8MB) fixes several Boot Camp and start up issues on Mac Pro computers.

Firmware Restoration CD 1.1

This update (14.5MB) is used to restore the firmware of an Intel-based iMac (early & mid 2006), Mac mini (early 2006), MacBook Pro (early 2006), Mac Book (early 2006), or Mac Pro (mid 2006) to original factory condition.

Mac Pro SMC Firmware Update

The SMC Firmware Update () adjusts fan behavior in the Mac Pro.

Front Row 1.3

This Front Row update (
4.5MB) provides for improved iTunes compatibility.

QuickTime 7.1.3

QuickTime 7.1.3 (48.1MB) is an important release that delivers numerous bug fixes and addresses critical security issues. This update is recommended for all QuickTime 7 users and is required for playback of content purchased in the iTunes Store.