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Tuesday, December 23, 2008, 12:00 pm PT (03:00 pm ET)

Case maker publishes photos of iPhone nano protector

XSKN, the third-party case maker responsible for rekindling rumors of an iPhone nano, has started taking orders for a protective holder for the rumored gadget.

The accessory maker is selling the cases in a variety of colors for prices between $25 and $27. Outside of being fitted for a shorter, chubbier version of the Apple handsets, the cases largely resemble the company's line of iPhone 3G protective holders.

Despite accurately leaking casing designs for the iPhone 3G and fourth-generation iPod nano before those devices were announced by Apple, XSKN's latest claim of an iPhone nano has been met with considerable skepticism for a variety of reasons.

An image of one of the casings can be seen below.

iPhone nano casing