Get the Lowest Prices anywhere on Macs, iPads and Apple Watches: Apple Price Guides updated May 23rd


Briefly: iMac discount coupons to expire

Just a heads up for those readers who may be scouting out the lowest possible net price on one of Apple's new iMac models introduced earlier this month.

Our sponsor ClubMac dropped us a line this week to let us know that the 3% off coupons on iMacs for AppleInsider readers that are set to expire on March 31st won't be extended or renewed for the month of April.

Combining those coupons with the Apple authorized reseller's instant discounts and mail-in rebates has yielded the lowest prices we've seen on the new iMac models.

Specifically, they bring the cost of the 20-inch 2.66GHz model down to $1,044.37 ($154 savings), the 24-inch 2.66GHz model down to $1,305.81 ($193 savings), the 24-inch 2.93GHz model down to $1,577.12 ($221 savings), and the 24-inch 3.06GHz model down to $1,955.42 ($243 savings).

In each case, the final net price even falls below Apple's educational pricing for the iMacs. The two high-end models in particular are offered at over $100 savings when compared to the company's educational pricing.

The 3% AppleInsider coupons are automatically activated when clicking through the links in this article or the prices in our full-fledged Mac Price Guide. To see their effect on the ClubMac site, you must first add an iMac to your shopping cart.