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Smaller iPhone dock cable shown with mystery engraving

New photos offer yet another look at a purported rear casing for the "iPad mini," as well as a smaller iOS device dock cable, the latter of which has an unidentified engraving.

Mini 1

The alleged cable for the 9-pin dock connector, which is expected to be compatible with the new iPhone, was published on Tuesday by The cable matches up with previously published images, but this time includes what appears to be the letter 'C' engraved on the metal connector.

Whether the 'C' engraved on the cable is a temporary inclusion for a prototype build or is something that will be included on the final product remains to be seen.

Mini 2

Also published on Tuesday were a series of renders showing what an iPad mini might look like in a user's hand. The pictures offer an idea of how the new, smaller iPad might fit in a user's hand, though they are not as detailed as the purported images of the device's housing that surfaced last week.

Mini 3

Both the new iPhone and smaller iPad that Apple is expected to launch this year are rumored to utilize a new, smaller 9-pin dock connector that will replace the traditional 30-pin connector that Apple has used for a decade. The design is expected to be orientation independent, allowing it to be plugged in more easily.

Reports have claimed the new cables will be sold by Apple for $19 each. The company is also expected to ease the transition from the existing 30-pin design to the new, smaller 9-pin design by offering adapters that will cost $10 apiece.

Mini 4

As for the iPad mini, it's expected to have a 7.85-inch diagonal display with a 1,024-by-768 resolution screen. That's as many pixels as are found on the current 9.7-inch iPad 2, but packed into a screen nearly two inches smaller.

Apple is set to hold a media event on Wednesday where it is expected the company will introduce its next iPhone. The company is also said to be planning another event for October where it will introduce its smaller iPad.