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Apple bid for fast track on sales ban appeal rejected by court

Apple's attempt to fast-track a bid to ban on several Samsung phones was turned down Monday, with a U.S. court ruling Apple must proceed normally through the appeals process.

As Reuters detailed, the decision stems from the $1.05 billion verdict Apple won against Samsung last year. Following that decision, the iPhone maker moved for a permanent ban on a number of older Samsung phones said to infringe on Apple patents.

Apple and Samsung phones

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh denied Apple's request for a ban. Apple appealed that decision and asked that the matter be moved before the full appeals court. Instead, the case will move before a three-judge panel, which will consider Apple's appeal and whether to pass it on to the full court.

In late January, the same appeals court rejected an Apple bid for an appeal regarding a rejected sales ban covering Samsung's Galaxy Nexus phone.