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Briefly: Apple revamps design of iPad homepage

Apple recently tweaked the landing page visitors see when navigating to the iPad section of the company's website, with the new design being more in line with other information pages for the Mac and iPod.

iPad Webpage

The minor enhancement, spotted by AppleInsider reader Gregg Mojica, can be considered more of a new portal to the iPad section's hierarchy, as clicking on any of the links sends users to pages that previously existed. For example, selecting "iPad with Retina display" directs to the same overview Apple created when it launched the fourth-generation iPad last year.

As seen above, there is a new header row that features links to pages for both iPad models, accessories, iOS 6 and iCloud. The format is much like Apple's Mac and iPod sections which feature a similar navigation menu to cycle through informational and accessory pages associated with the product lineups.

Directly below the huge teaser image are three containers for the new "Why you'll love an iPad" campaign, a collection of television ads and a model comparison page. Apple first launched the "Why you'll love…" initiative with the iPhone earlier this month and followed it up with the latest iPad page on Thursday.

One notable change is the prominent display of Apple's iPad in Education and iPad in Business webpages, which are now located below the large iPad and iPad mini graphic in two medium size boxes. Previously, the links were buried at the bottom of the page.