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Apple issues developer site status update via Dev Portal homepage, launches system status tool [u]

In an update to its Developer Portal webpage on Wednesday, Apple informed developers of the latest steps it has taken in getting the service up and running after the site was hacked last week.

Update: According to Apple's system status page, Bug Reporter is officially online.

Dev Portal Update

As seen in the above screenshot, Apple updated its developer Web portal landing page with a brief explaining what actions the company has taken to get the service back online. Developers are also receiving emails reflecting the same information.

The update comes nearly one week after Apple said an intruder attempted to glean sensitive user information from the developer website.

Current plans are to roll out updated systems starting with Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, Apple Developer Forums, Bug Reporter, pre-release developer libraries, and videos. Those services will be followed by software downloads before bringing all systems back online.

In addition, the company has created a special system status webpage to keep developers in the loop when certain systems return to service. Currently, only iTunes Connect is fully operational.

As with previous updates, Apple apologizes to developers for the downtime, assuring them that memberships set to expire during the period will be extended and apps will remain in the App Store.