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NYT releases NYTNow subscription-based app, Fantastical 2 comes to iPad

Two interesting new developments hit the App Store this week, as the New York Times officially released its iOS-first "NYTNow" subscription app and replacement calendar Fantastical 2 launched a new iPad version.


NYTNow is a new subscription service from the Old Grey Lady aimed at readers who get most of their news via a smartphone. Users can access up to 10 articles per month for free, or unlimited content for a monthly $7.99 subscription.

The app features an editor-curated selection of top stories, along with article summaries that the paper hopes will make it quicker for readers to get an overview of the news. A "morning briefing" that collates the most important stories of the day is also available, as is an "Our Picks" section that collects top stories from non-NYT sources.

NYTNow version 1.0.1 is available now as a free, 5.8MB download from the App Store.

Fantastical 2

Flexibits's popular iPhone calendar app, Fantastical 2, has received a tablet-ready makeover and is now available for Apple's iPad. The app, which sports an all-new user interface, is a separate purchase and download from its iPhone counterpart.

While most features are the same between the two versions, Flexibits has added one iPad-only function that it calls the Fantastical Dashboard. The dashboard connects the calendar and event list and puts all the user's calendar data on-screen at the same time, allowing users to quickly switch views with a simple gesture.

Fantastical 2 for iPad is now available as a $9.99, 17.7MB download from the App Store.