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AppleInsider podcast talks rumored 'iPhone X Plus,' Face ID 'hacks,' iPad Pro 2018 and more

This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Neil and Victor talk about what's up with the HomePod delay, the possible 2018 iPhones, and what it means to have an ARM chip in the iMac Pro.

In our latest episode, AppleInsider editors Neil Hughes and Victor Marks discuss:

  • Apple delays the HomePod until next year. Why? And what's a HomePod really trying to accomplish? What's Apple's long-term plan here?
  • Apple reportedly stopped and started HomePod as a project repeatedly. What is the strategic thinking here?
  • What happens when you use an A10 coprocessor in an iMac Pro? What implications does that have for macOS beyond 'Hey Siri' at the Mac?
  • 2018 iPhones rumored to have 4x4 MIMO and gigabit LTE
  • iPhone SE 2, made in India?
  • Apple acquires VRvana for 30M USD. Neil and Victor talk about what Apple's intentions are with AR and this acquisition.
  • Project Titan: Apple research publishes a paper on LIDAR and using voxel clouds to better detect objects
  • FCC Chairman Ajit Pai reveals his plan to undo Title II Net Neutrality. Neil has some very understated comments.
  • Google's Fuchsia OS gains support for Swift applications. Victor thinks this is huge down the road in terms of Swift adoption.
  • Foxconn accused of using teenage labor to meet iPhone X production demand. Victor wonders why this even happens? It's not as if Foxconn aren't aware of their need to staff up in advance, is it?
  • Victor reviews CardHop, an application by Flexibits for macOS. Short version: it's good, and good to see innovation in a space neglected by Apple
  • Neil reviews a battery case with Qi compatible charging for iPhone X

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