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Apple's 'iPhone SE 2' rumored to ship in first half of 2018, made in India

Apple is reportedly planning to ship a second-generation iPhone SE in the first of half of next year, assembled by Wistron at facilities in Bangalore, India.

Apple is going ahead with an "SE 2" because of the success of the original and its desire to target both low- and high-end markets, China's Economic Daily News said on Wednesday. While more expensive than some smartphones, the 4-inch SE is still the cheapest iPhone, starting at $349.

Wistron is already manufacturing SE units in India, in part because of Apple's desire bring the cost of the product down in the country. Over 75 percent of smartphones sold there cost less than $250, and Apple has regularly offered iPhone models considered outdated in other markets.

In August a report claimed that Wistron would be expanding Indian production in advance of a second-generation SE launching in the March quarter. The original debuted in March 2016.

Rumors have claimed than "SE 2" could sport an A10 Fusion processor, and other upgrades like a bigger 1,700 milliamp-hour battery. The phone is unlikely to have any of the distinguishing features of the iPhone 8 or X, such as wireless charging, Face ID, or an edge-to-edge display.