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Logitech now shipping Harmony Hub replacements to owners of discontinued Harmony Link

After announcing that its Harmony Link remote control device will no longer operate as of March 2018, Logitech promised free Harmony Hub replacements to all users of the product, and is now making good on its promise.

Both devices connect to an iPhone or iPad to allow control of home theater devices like the Apple TV, television sets, cable boxes, and game consoles. The replacement Harmony Hub can also be connected to other smart home devices, like Hue bulbs, and it can also connect to the enthusiast Homebridge service to allow HomeKit and Siri to control a user's entertainment center.

The replacement offer was made because of a firestorm of consumer complaint that erupted when the company said that it would abandon the Harmony Link because of an expiring security certificate. A previous offer granted owners of the older device a 35 percent discount on the Harmony Hub —which was quickly supplanted by the free offer.

Follow-up emails to customers by Logitech granted users of the Harmony Link one-time codes for a Harmony Hub. An email sent to AppleInsider confirms that the devices are now shipping to users that entered the code.