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New Kihei iMac Schematic B&W Photos!

In addition to our Vector based sketches and Apple Press Shots of the up and coming iMac personal Computer, code-named "Kihei," we have decided to publish a few Apple Schematic Black and White Photos that are slightly more revealing (sorry for the poor quality...).

Right Side of Kihei (Top Shell Removed) Revealing Port Door

Left Side of Kihei showing True Transparent Shell

Bottom/Base of Kihei Unit with Vents

Vent Holes Closeup

In other news, the new iMac will definitely ship with a built in Microphone, contrary to some popular belief. Additionally, reliable sources claim that as of this morning, Mac OS 9.0 has gone Golden Master and Steve Jobs and the executive team have decided to scratch older plans and install Mac OS 9.0 on all shipping units of the new Kihei iMac. This is apparently causing some headaches over in production (where they have already begun producing units with the "Borg" system).

The official unveiling of Kihei, Mac OS 9.0, and possibly a new Apple Brand, is all set for 10:00am PST tomorrow.