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9 quick steps to get your new Mac tax free and save money on AppleCare protection plans

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Please note: This offer cannot be combined with any cash-back shopping site offers; the coupon will fail to work. You must have cookies enabled. AppleInsider has teamed up with Manhattan-based Apple Authorized Reseller Adorama to give away 3-Year AppleCare Protection Plans (valued at $149 to $349) with the purchase of each Mac (which Adorama also discounts significantly) through Aug 10th, 2014, yielding the lowest prices for new Macs with AppleCare bundled that we've ever seen. Taking advantage of the offer is as simple as using the Adorama links in our Macs + AppleCare Price Guide, registering for Adorama's free VIP account so you can add the Mac with AppleCare bundle to your cart, then applying coupon code AP08072014 during the checkout process. This will deduct the cost of the AppleCare plan from the total and bring the cost of the bundle down to the prices you see advertised in the price guide. But for those who may hit a snag, or prefer to see the process visually beforehand, we've created this quick-step guide:

Step 1:

Begin by selecting your Mac of choice from the Adorama column (far right) in our Macs + AppleCare Price Guide. You must click through the pricing the links in that particular guide to access the Mac+AppleCare bundles on Adorama's site that will work with coupon code AP08072014. If you don't use the links in the Adorama column in the Macs + AppleCare Price Guide, the coupon will not work during checkout. It also will not work unless your browser is able to accept cookies and run JavaScript. Please note, this promo is not currently set up for Mac Pros, check back later for those.

Select a Mac

In this example we're selecting Apple's 15" MacBook Pro (Model ME293LL/A) that retails for $1,999 plus another $349 for the applicable 3-Year AppleCare Protection Plan, for a total bundle price of $2,348. Adorama currently sell this model at a $150 instant discount, or $1849.

Step 2:

You'll now find yourself on an Adorama's product page for the selected Mac with a 3-Year AppleCare Protection Plan included. The price on this page will be higher (by the cost of the AppleCare plan) than the price you just clicked on in our Price Guides. We'll fix that in a minute. Continue on by clicking the green "REGISTER FOR VIP" button (if you don't register, you won't be able to add the bundle to your cart -- it's free, tax 20 seconds, and gives you 30GB of Free Cloud Storage):

Select a Mac

Step 3:

Click the "Join" tab in the upper right-hand corner and then provide a name, email and password in the fields provided. When done, click the blue "JOIN" button to create your account. Note: This VIP account is a complimentary service offered by Adorama to its loyal customers and you will never be charged for it.

Select a Mac

Step 4:

You should now find yourself back on the Mac+AppleCare product page with access to add items to your cart. Now add the Mac + AppleCare bundle to your cart by clicking the green "ADD TO CART" button.

Select a Mac

Step 5:

Continue on to the Checkout process by clicking the green "CHECKOUT" button.

Select a Mac

Then click a second green "Proceed to Checkout" button on the subsequent page:

Select a Mac

Step 6

You'll now be asked to provide a Shipping Address to determine if sales tax will be charged on your order. Good news is, Adorama only charges tax if you're shipping your order to NY (where its retail store resides) or NJ (where its warehouse operates):

Select a Mac

Step 7

Now select your shipping preference; Adorama offers to ship all Macs for free via Super Saver shipping:

Select a Mac

Step 8

Finally, this will bring you to the part of the checkout process where it asks for a "Gift / Coupon code: ." You'll see the price of the Mac+AppleCare bundle in your cart is still higher than you'd expect. Enter coupon code AP08072014 and click Apply:

Select a Mac

Step 9

You'll now see the correct price for the Mac with the 3-Year AppleCare Protection Plan thrown in for free and can now complete your order. In this case, we would have saved $498.01 off Apple's combined retail price for the Mac ($1,999) with AppleCare ($349):

Select a Mac

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