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Topic: Board of Directors

Apple Board of Directors at 'crossroads' after death of Steve Jobs

10/07/2011, 10:10 am

The passing of Steve Jobs has put a spotlight on Apple's board of directors, as onlookers wonder whether the company will expand and diversify the board to bring about a new era.


Apple board member Al Gore mentions 'new iPhones' coming in October

09/21/2011, 02:09 pm

Apple board member and former U.S. vice president Al Gore has gained attention and stirred up speculation for mentioning Apple will release new "iPhones" -- plural -- next month.


Google's Schmidt says he's a 'very proud former board member' of Apple [u]

09/02/2011, 10:09 am

In a new interview, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt complimented the job Steve Jobs did as Apple's chief executive, and said he considers himself a "very proud" former member of Apple's board of directors [updated].


Though on leave since January, Steve Jobs stayed visible at Apple

08/24/2011, 07:08 pm

Despite relinquishing his day-to-day duties at Apple back in January, Steve Jobs has remained a major force at Apple in 2011, introducing key products and negotiating blockbuster deals.


Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO, Tim Cook takes over

08/24/2011, 06:08 pm

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs announced on Wednesday that he is no longer fit to serve as the company's chief executive officer, officially resigning from the position, which has been filled by Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook.


WSJ: Apple board members have informally explored CEO succession options

07/19/2011, 04:07 pm

Members of Apple's executive board have reportedly discussed succession plans with outside consultants in the event that Steve Jobs can no longer run the company, though Jobs himself has characterized details in a new report from The Wall Street Journal as "hogwash."


Labor union votes against Steve Jobs' reelection to Disney board

03/22/2011, 02:03 am

A prominent federation of labor unions has voted against the reelection of Steve Jobs to the board of directors of the Walt Disney Co., while an influential shareholder advisory firm has questioned whether Jobs is fit to remain on the company's board.


35% of companies, including Apple, have a CEO succession plan

02/07/2011, 08:02 am

While investors attempt to strongarm Apple's board of directors into publicizing their CEO succession plan, a recent survey found that just 35 percent of companies have drafted such a plan.


Investor advisory firm calls for Apple to disclose CEO succession plan

02/03/2011, 04:02 pm

Concerns over the health of Apple Chief Executive Steve jobs has prompted Institutional Shareholder Services to support a shareholder proposal to require Apple to disclose a CEO succession plan.


Steve Jobs to take medical leave of absence but remain Apple CEO

01/17/2011, 08:01 am

For the second time in two years, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs will take a medical leave of absence from his company, but the company co-founder will remain CEO and be involved in major strategic decisions, he said on Monday.


Briefly: Apple shareholder proposal, VLC app removed, Intel tablets

01/07/2011, 11:01 pm

Apple is opposing a shareholder proposal advocating a CEO succession plan for the company, while the VLC media player iOS app has reportedly been removed from the App Store over a licensing disagreement. Meanwhile, an Intel executive has revealed that his company tried unsuccessfully for a long time to get Microsoft to build a tablet operating system.


Bonuses help Apple's Tim Cook earn $59M in 2010, Steve Jobs keeps $1 salary

01/07/2011, 10:01 am

Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook earned a huge pay increase in 2010, thanks to cash bonuses and stock-based compensation, bringing his total earnings to more than $59 million, while CEO Steve Jobs kept his traditional $1 annual salary.


Pension giant challenging Apple over corporate governance

12/22/2010, 01:12 am

The largest public pension in the U.S. is aggressively going after Apple with an advisory shareholder resolution that aims to change the company's board election policies.


Apple appoints Ronald D. Sugar to its board of directors

11/17/2010, 09:11 am

Apple on Wednesday announced that Dr. Ronald D. Sugar, former Chairman of the Board and CEO of Northrop Grumman Corporation, was appointed to the company's board of directors.


Apple board member Bill Campbell cut ties to Google over rivalry

11/08/2010, 09:11 pm

Apple Board of Director member and Intuit Chairman Bill Campbell revealed in an interview that increased competition between Apple and Google forced him to choose between the two companies, eventually causing him to sever his ties to Google.


Apple restructures board in wake of Jerry York's passing

04/17/2010, 10:04 am

Apple recently repositioned several of its board members to bring the company back into compliance with its own governance guidelines after the sudden death last month of long-time director Jerome York left a void in its leadership.


Late Apple director was 'disgusted' Jobs didn't reveal health issues

03/25/2010, 08:03 am

Recently deceased Apple Board of Directors member Jerry York told The Wall Street Journal last year that he wished he had resigned after Apple co-founder Steve Jobs didn't publicly disclose his health issues.


Apple director Jerome York passes away

03/18/2010, 12:03 pm

Apple on Thursday sadly announced the death of Board member Jerome B. (Jerry) York, who had been listed in critical condition in a Michigan hospital following a collapse at his home two nights ago.


Apple director Jerry York in critical condition following collapse

03/17/2010, 05:03 pm

Former IBM chief financial officer and current Apple director Jerome York has been hospitalized in Pontiac, Michigan and is currently listed as being in critical condition.


'Outsider' Avon chief is new co-lead of Apple Board of Directors

02/24/2010, 02:02 pm

Andrea Jung, chief executive of Avon Products and the only woman on Apple's seven-person board of directors, will serve as the co-lead director at Thursday's shareholder meeting.