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Topic: iPhone Hardware 3.0

AT&T confirms ongoing upgrades to double 3G network speeds

04/20/2009, 02:04 pm

An AT&T executive has confirmed in a new interview that the US iPhone service provider is currently performing a variety of upgrades on its 3G network that should combine to double capacity in the coming months.


iPhone Software 3.0 beta 3 delivers gradual improvements

04/14/2009, 08:04 pm

Apple on Tuesday evening made available to iPhone developers a third beta of iPhone Software 3.0 showing some early signs of optimizations and carrying with it an updated version of the iPhone SDK 3.0.


Latest iPhone 3.0 multi-model and component supplier rumors

04/14/2009, 09:04 am

Over the past 48 hours, a couple of new reports have come out of the Far East claiming to identify up to three new models of Apple's iPhone due this year and a list of component suppliers who'll play an integral role.


Video recording interface unearthed in iPhone Software 3.0

04/07/2009, 01:04 pm

Following weeks of evidence and source reports on Apple's intentions to include video recording features in its next-generation iPhone, a new discovery within betas of the company's iPhone 3.0 software has all but officially confirmed the plans. Separate hints at Voice Dialing features are also being reported.


Barclays says Apple has more than doubled iPhone production

04/06/2009, 11:04 am

Analysts for Barclay's Capital are reporting Monday that their contacts in the Far East tell them that Apple has doubled its iPhone production for the current quarter, suggesting the company has baked high expectations into the launch of new models that will reportedly arrive in June.


iPhone 3.0 beta caught hiding video editing graphics?

04/05/2009, 04:04 pm

The founder of Austrian site claims to have found multiple unused graphical controls that relate directly to video editing. Among the controls are grab points that would let users define the start and end of clips as well as repeating, tile graphics and references to an 'edit bar.'


Next-gen iPod touch, iPhone to support low-power 802.11n

04/04/2009, 06:04 pm

Wireless radio component specifications contained within beta distributions of iPhone 3.0 firmware reveal support for a new chip enabling low power 802.11n that's bound for Apple's third-generation iPod touch. It's therefore also likely to be included with new iPhone models.


AT&T hurrying massive network update for new iPhone launch

04/03/2009, 04:04 pm

AT&T is rushing to rollout a major upgrade to its 3G mobile data service in anticipation of a tenfold increase in network traffic from new iPhone hardware expected to go on sale in June, according to a vendor source.


Report: Apple's next iPhone to sport 3.2-megapixel camera

04/03/2009, 08:04 am

Apple has placed orders with a local component supplier for new parts that suggest it will upgrade the iPhone's camera to 3.2-megapixels when it introduces new models a bit later this year.


Apple removes iPhone Bluetooth Headset from online store

04/01/2009, 01:04 pm

Apple's iPhone Bluetooth Headset has now been completely removed from the Apple online store, suggesting the company will cede the headset business to third parties or return with an improved version leveraging new features in iPhone Software 3.0.


Report: two distinct iPhone models nearing production

03/31/2009, 03:03 pm

A little-known equity research firm is out with a new report this week which could potentially shed some color on recent discoveries in Apple's iPhone 3.0 beta software that suggest two architecturally unique iPhones may be in the cards for this spring.


RBC says iPhone 3G 'Pro' won't boost iPhone momentum

03/30/2009, 01:03 pm

The Royal Bank of Canada is maintaining its bearish near-term outlook on shares of Apple, claiming that although consumer interest in a new version of the iPhone remains healthy, sales of the new device are unlikely to provide the company with the same boost seen during the transition from the original iPhone to the iPhone 3G.


AT&T execs said touting new, faster iPhone for mid-June

03/23/2009, 06:03 pm

One or more of AT&T's more senior officials have reportedly slipped important details about the next iPhone, including a June unveiling and a continued emphasis on speed.


Apple discontinues iPhone Bluetooth Headset [u]

03/23/2009, 09:03 am

Apple this weekend appears to have discontinued its iPhone Bluetooth Headset, a possible sign that the company could be planning to introduce an updated model alongside new iPhones a bit later this year or cede the market segment to third parties.


Source: Apple's next-gen iPhone has video camera

03/20/2009, 04:03 pm

Apple this year will finally introduce video recording capabilities on at least one of its upcoming iPhone models, AppleInsider has been told.


Apple's 2009 iPhone to support faster 3G networks - report

03/20/2009, 04:03 pm

A new report indicates that the next iPhone hardware release will offer "a significantly faster Internet connection," harmonizing with previous coverage of AT&T's network upgrade plans.


iPhone 3.0 listings show four all-new iPhone, iPod touch models

03/19/2009, 05:03 pm

Tucked within Apple's iPhone 3.0 beta firmware are hardware strings that mention not one but two unreleased iPhone models as well as similar changes in store for the iPod touch.